Leaders That Ignore Bad Behavior

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Dear Team,

I wanted to address a topic that one of you brought up recently, which was concerning the experience of working under a supervisor who does not call out inappropriate behavior. It’s an unfortunate situation that does occur occasionally. There could be several reasons for this, such as the supervisor may not perceive the behavior as inappropriate, they may be uncomfortable dealing with conflict, or they might be addressing the issue privately, unbeknownst to us.

When such situations arise, it is essential for us as leaders within our team to adopt a proactive approach. One effective strategy is to highlight and acknowledge those on our team who are displaying exemplary behavior. This is particularly useful when the person behaving inappropriately reports to a different supervisor and we don’t have direct authority over them.

By showcasing the positive behaviors of our team members, we can subtly influence the overall work environment. It serves as a gentle reminder to everyone, including the person exhibiting inappropriate behavior, that our workplace norm is one of professionalism and respect.

In these instances, even though we may not have the authority to directly address the inappropriate behavior, we can still contribute to cultivating a professional work environment by reinforcing positive behavior. It’s a way of encouraging everyone to adhere to the acceptable norms and maintain a conducive working atmosphere.

So, let’s continue to support and recognize those who exhibit good behavior, and in doing so, remind everyone of the professional standard.