Knowledge Jolt with Jack

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Jack Vinson over at Knowledge Jolt with Jack did a post about my post on multitasking yesterday. It’s good to know someone agrees with me and I’m not completely off my rocker!

I remember an interview I had once where I was asked about multitasking, and the interviewer was floored when I said I avoid multitasking whenever possible. I think the normal response is something like “I can juggle whatever you throw at me!” I got the job, so I suppose I was able to explain my rationale well enough.

To me, multitasking is defined incorrectly by most people. Eliminating multitasking during your workday will make you more productive and able to churn through projects with better quality, thus increasing the number of tasks you can handle in a week, month, quarter, and year! It’s all about increasing overall throughput.

Make sure you check out Jack’s blog on a regular basis, he’s got a lot of great things to say!