IT/IS Project Management Video

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Today I would like to share this video I found on YouTube with you.? It appears to be a short lesson from a college class.? It’s rather academic in nature using slides, which isn’t my training style but it’s not bad for a general overview of project management.? I tend to focus more on telling stories of real situations I’ve run into on the projects I’ve managed and share my screen as I create documents or illustrate how to do something.

I was happy to see the part about involving users, this is a critical part that I’ve seen flubbed up way too many times.? With an IT/IS focus I was hoping to see some discussion and a focus on some of the newer software development methodologies available, but in my experience waterfall seems to be the method of choice for professors.? That may be because most of the textbooks on project management that have been around awhile are waterfall-focused.