International Project Management Day: 3 Ways to Celebrate

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Today is International Project Management Day.? It’s a day for celebrating project managers and the project management discipline.

I’d like to formally extend my celebration of this day to you new and aspiring project managers out there.

So, how can you learn more about it, and celebrate a day just for us project managers?

#1 – Visit the website, watch the video

Go to and take 10 minutes to watch the video on the home page that will help you learn more about what International Project Management Day is all about.? I really like Frank’s idea for experienced project managers to go out and mentor a new or aspiring project manager!? Let’s prepare these promising candidates and new project managers to become successful and make us proud!

#2 – Appreciate Project Management

As Frank says in the video, just about everything you can think of in our world is the result of a project.? Every even moderately complex structure, application, event, etc. can only come about through project management, even if we haven’t always acknowledged project management as a formal discipline or even been aware we were doing it.

Appreciate the magnitude and scope of what we do.? As Dr. Paul Giammalvo would say, project management is such an integral part of everyday life that it’s difficult to draw a line between it and more generic concepts of business and management.? Those of us who call ourselves ‘project managers’ don’t have a monopoly on the type of work we do, although I will argue that there is a difference between someone who recognizes what they do as a formal discipline to be learned and improved in a systematic way versus someone who doesn’t acknowledge it as anything unique.

# 3 – Attend an Event for International Project Management Day

Click on this link to see online and in-person events celebrating this day.? Add your city in quotes to the end of the search query and see if there is an event in your local area you can attend.

Happy International Project Management Day!