I Don’t Have A Freaking Second To Waste

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I received this email from a subscriber to my PMP Coach newsletter. I DO enjoy the candid nature of the communication, but it’s going to result in a tiny weeny bit of a rant. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Check it out:

Hello Josh ,

I like your emails. Anyway – i don’t have a freaking second to waste. Do you or don’t you – have a source from which i can actually learn something usefull for PM ? I haven’t seen a sentance so far , actually traching me of some PM skills. Perhaps i didn’t pay attention to some corner of the site, but i have to admit – from all this advertising i couldn’t really see the usefull info anywhere (mails,site etc.) – please, if u wanna help give me straight link or smth where to start reading something that might actually educate me , else stop sending these mails to me please – it’s more distracting then helping .

Might sound straight but like i said – i don’t have a sec to waste


The Scope Of My Newsletters And Blog

This person signed up for my Project Management Career Coaching newsletter…where I talk about how to plan for and land a job. I’m not teaching people how to manage projects with this newsletter. You should only sign up for this newsletter if you want to learn effective ways to get into project management from a career standpoint. I think that’s pretty clear from the sign-up page, but perhaps I can be clearer. If so, please contact me and let me know.

I also have a newsletter for people interested in the PMP Exam – only sign up for that if it applies to you.

I have written 280+ articles on this site about “Being a PM” which you can find in the lower right corner of pmStudent.com – and that’s where I talk about the do’s and don’ts of project management. I don’t have a “how to manage projects” newsletter – I found that in-depth training meets that need better than a newsletter would.

The Scope of My Training

For in-depth “how to” where I do a lot of ‘show and tell’ as opposed to focusing on the concepts and mindset issues written about on my blog, I created “Project Management Strategies That Work (And How To Implement Them)”?for those who can spend the time and effort and want to learn the nuts and bolts for how I manage projects.

If you want to know how to manage projects, I’ve laid much of it out for you there. There’s nothing like recording my screen while I actually DO whatever it is I’m trying to teach you, and then invite you to do it yourself.

But it takes lots of time for me to put it together, and a commitment on your part to go through the course.

All This Advertising?

If you are a subscriber to my newsletters, you know that I do make offers applicable to the content being discussed for my own training programs and those I recommend.

I don’t make offers all the time, and when I do it’s usually a little relevant sentence within or at the end of content and ideas that are useful all on their own.

I don’t do banner ads, adsense, or all of the other things that I find distracting and may not be relevant to any random reader who views them.

If you are offended by someone like me trying to help people and keep the lights on, you shouldn’t subscribe to my newsletters or read my blog.

I’ve spent literally several?thousands of hours helping new and current project managers who I genuinely want to see succeed.

So when I spend a ton of time and effort putting a course together, please don’t slap my hand for offering you something I know will help you.

Just unsubscribe. I’m too busy trying to help people in the best way I know.

“i don’t have a freaking second to waste”

Look, my training is over 40 hours long just in the instruction, and will probably take 80 hours of dedicated effort to take full advantage of the course material.

You don’t learn everything about project management overnight, and you don’t get good at it overnight.

It’s amazing to me how someone can spend thousands of dollars on a Project?Management?certification course, or PMP “Boot Camp” and then be offended by an offer of things like 40 hours of project management training for $197.00 or when I recommend killer PMP training for $99.97.

  • Yes, if you buy those courses using those links I will earn some money.
  • Yes, they are awesome courses and a great value for the money.
  • Yes, I either created them or went through them myself as a student.
  • Yes, I stake my personal reputation on recommending them to others.

Rant Conclusion

Well, I think that’s enough of a rant for today.

  • Am I being a jerk?
  • Do you feel like me offering paid training is underhanded?
  • Should I just close everything down and forget about it?
  • Are you a student who has gained value from the training I offer?

I’d really like to hear your feedback in the comments.