How to Reach Out to a Silent Remote Team Member

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It’s important to find a method to consistently communicate with your team and ensure that they also keep in touch with you. I’d like to clarify that I’m not suggesting that you need to rigidly schedule check-ins at a specific time, like 4 p.m. I’m confident that as leaders of remote teams, you already have systems in place to monitor whether team members are actively engaged during work hours. Of course, there may be instances where this level of oversight is necessary.

The strategies I’m suggesting are based on the premise that we’re collaborating with individuals who are committed to their responsibilities and are striving to deliver their best work. So, think about ways to foster stronger connections within your team. If you haven’t heard from a team member for some time, consider reaching out to them. A simple message like, “Is everything okay?” or “Are you just busy?” can be a good start. This approach is akin to dropping by a colleague’s cubicle to touch base. The goal is to recreate such interactions in a remote work setup.


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