How to get involved with project management organizations (video)

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Project management organizations can be a great resource for new project managers or even aspiring project managers who are just learning project management.

This is a short video demonstrating how to find them and get involved.

I received a few questions from the UK regarding the question of getting into project management, and involving yourself in project management organizations is a key part of my answer.? This is especially true for these two who are from London where there are multiple organizations they can tap into. Even if you are in an area where going to regular events in person is not an option, there are other resources to network online and find project managers in your area you can speak with. The International Community of Project Managers (ICPM) and are two I know of and use.

I discuss how certifications and education are great, but neither are going to make you a great project manager.? Then I demonstrate how I found specific project management events and organizations for these individuals to go attend and get active with these groups.? I cover the PMI UK chapter and APM, but also make mention of using LinkedIn events, the IPMA, the Brittish Computer Society, etc.? There are many options available.

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