How To Evaluate A Project Management Job Posting

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So you come across a job posting that looks interesting.

Hopefully you’ve researched the organization already and know quite a bit about it.

I received a question about a specific job posting asking for my advice on the role as it’s described, and if/how they should take action.

See the description below (my annotations in red).

If I Were In Your Shoes

  • Remember, an interview is just a conversation to see if you are a good fit for the company and role. ?You don’t actually commit to taking the job until you hand back your signed offer letter. ?Treat it like a conversation and an opportunity for you to learn about the company and role.
  • Focus on the company first, this particular position second when making your decisions.
  • Only move if the company is a better fit than your current company, and the role is a better fit for learning more project management than your current role. ?If you feel like you are able to grow in the project management discipline where you are, then you may want to wait for a more compelling offer. ?But if you are not currently managing projects and want to, this looks like a good opportunity to me.
  • As long as the pay drop isn’t going to be unbearable, taking roles that pay less may still be a good strategy for your career path.

The Annotated Job Description

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