Happy International Project Management Day

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Being a project manager is not such a big deal. There are only a few things you need to do.

All you have to do is:

  • Create a compelling vision out of the potentially vague set of goals that you have been handed
  • Motivate an already over extended team to work even more hours on YOUR project
  • Remind stakeholders that a team allocated 50% cannot complete the project in half the time
  • Stop scope creep while keeping stakeholders happy
  • Constructively manage conflict
  • Squeeze 2 hours of productivity out of every hour your work
  • And be in charge of anything/everything that could possibly somehow be related to your project (even when it isn’t)

All of the above plus leap tall buildings in a single bound. Actually some days you wish all you had to do was leap tall buildings in a single bound. You do all of this and more and YOU do it with a smile. You love the variety, the challenges and the people. You love meeting impossible deadlines and seeing your customers happy. You love cheering on your team members and you love seeing the sense of accomplishment they feel when solve a difficult problem and meet yet another milestone.

Not such a big deal, right? Wrong. But many of you make it look easy because of your skills, your passion for project management and your dedication to your own continuous learning and improvement.

Celebrate project management, celebrate your colleagues and celebrate yourself.
You have earned it!

As long as the celebration is within scope, schedule and budget.

Happy International Project Management Day,