Free Report: Top 7 WBS Mistakes Project Managers Make

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7-mistakes-imageThe Work Breakdown Structure is one of those tools in project management that in my experience gets used incorrectly quite a bit.? That might be due to how it gets glossed over in many textbooks, or how many people jump right into building one without understanding the fundamentals clearly.

It could also be due to illustrations in the PMBoK Guide text which display WBS Graphics that are completely wrong based on my experience.

Either way, I think it’s a big problem.

I just released a free report that relates heavily to my new training course, WBS Coach.? In the free report, I point out the top 7 mistakes I see other project managers make (and that I have made myself) and discuss them in detail.? There are other mistakes I’ve seen, but I hold myself back to just the top 7 for this report.

You can get access to the report here:

P.S.? My materials are not made for test preparation of any kind; they are designed to teach proper WBS techniques and fundamentals, as well as tool-specific video demonstrations, etc.? My method most closely aligns with the DoD standard but is scaled for any size project.? Where I disagree with PMI or other institutions I point it out specifically in the materials.