Project Management First 100 Days

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Imagine yourself in a new place of work in a different state performing?a different job capacity and the only thing that is for sure is the access code to the bathroom.

Some of the best career advice I have received was from an Ops manager. He gave me three points to ponder.

  1. Logistical constraints – Are you willing to relocate for a job?
  2. Support at home – Does the family approve of and support your career decisions?
  3. Ability to adapt to change – What is your ability?to adapt to change?

Making any type of career change is difficult.?Appling personal and/or professional limitations on?any of these three points therefore limit?one’s career prospects. So it is important to take?regular inventory and assess current conditions. Because life has a tendency to sneak up on us when least expected. POP!?I believe Dave Ramsey?calls this a “Life Happening”.

Have you recently made a career change or made one in the past?

Did you have a process in place for your first 100 days?

Share your experiences and lessons learned.

Personally I liked to use the 8 point plan from the book You’re in Charge Now What? authored by Neff and Citrin. The generalities of the 8 point plan?are as follows:

  1. your self preparation – Take inventory and prepare yourself for the turbulent ride
  2. your expectations?- Get in touch with the organizational pulse?at the individual level
  3. your team?- Build a performance based team that builds on strengths
  4. your strategic formula (initial, growth, maturity)?- Develop?an agenda
  5. your cultural challenges?- Be ready for “We don’t do that here.”
  6. your boss?s role?- Make sure the boss is on board
  7. your communication channels? – Communicate,?listen, and be willing to say, “I’ll get back to you on that.”
  8. your pitfalls – Don’t play a HERO and monitor the three points mentioned above

One last parting thought. Change is good. It is being forced to change that?foster attitudes of resistance.