Everyone’s Irish on March 17th

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Just a quick shout-out and a little break today. Although I’m not Irish myself, my wife’s maiden name is McGuire and so my children have some Irish blood in them. I’ve always had a love for the music and people of Ireland, and of course my favorite beer, a Murphy’s Irish Stout. (I’ll take Guinness if I have to)

I know a few of you are from Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Letterkenny,and Sligo. If you’re an Irish reader, leave a comment just to say hello! (Or perhaps you’ll all be out celebrating)

By Bkkbrad, click image for licensing information

I’m working to Irish folk music today. Here’s a little ditty from Irish Stew you might enjoy:

Galway Girl

Check out their Discographie section for more songs.