Don’t Screw This Up: Confidence

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confidence - by badzmanaois via Flickr

confidence - by badzmanaois via Flickr

So far in this series we have 3 attributes of project management that can be used as means to judge any given implementation of it.

  • Delivering Value
  • Consistency
  • Alignment

For this installment, let’s talk about confidence.? This is somewhat related to consistency so let me get the definitions clear.? Consistency speaks to repeatability, or the capacity to be successful again and again….a systemic enabling of success.

When I speak of confidence in this context, I’m referring to the dependability of various things like estimates being reasonably accurate, deliveries being made at the promised time, and keeping your promises in general.

In general I think this is an attribute which many project environments struggle with.? Estimates get inflated and then cut back arbitrarily; project managers don’t push back when they know a commitment is unreasonable; risk management is done poorly or not at all and thus many preventable train wrecks are driven straight into by blind drivers at the wheel.

What examples can you share that demonstrate good and bad confidence on the projects you’ve worked?

[Note:? Due to some excellent comments from Glen Alleman, I’ve changed this attribute from reliability to confidence, which I think captures what I was going after much better.? Thanks Glen!]