Dog Food and Project Management Training

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Happy Vizsla - by janiejonesmt via Flickr

Our dog is a Vizsla, and her name is Snickers. She has a corn allergy and is now 14 years old, so we buy a primo brand that is about $45 a bag. It has to have the right mix of protein and fat, and we’re picky about the primary ingredients too.

When we switched to this brand we saw an immediate improvement in Snickers. She wasn’t itching all the time, she had more of a spring in her step, and was just a lot happier.

As I walked through the pet store the other day I was thinking about how much of an investment I had made in my own professional development during 2009. When I arrived at the shelf where Snicker’s dog food lay in wait for me, I took a look at the price sticker.

I asked myself, “So did I spend that much on my own personal development this year?” Did I invest at least that much in becoming a better project manager and coach?

The answer was yes, much more than $45. Hundreds and thousands in terms of hours and dollars.

But have I always done that?

Unfortunately, there have been years where I didn’t spend a cent on improving myself as a trainer, developer, or project manager when I’ve had those roles. How much further along could I be today had I invested more in myself earlier, in terms of my time and money?

So I’m standing in line looking at all the dog treats and toys on display, some of which we’ve bought before. I love my dog, but it’s a strange truth that many people spend more time and money annually on their pets than they do on improving themselves.

So what have you done for yourself lately?

There are tons of free and low-cost ways to take initiative and develop yourself. If you are not continuously improving, you’re probably falling behind!

Here are some ideas for you. These are resources I’ve put together to help you grow professionally.

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