Do you act on lessons learned?

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Lessons Learned by Mike Licht, via Flickr

Lessons Learned by Mike Licht, via Flickr

“Lessons Learned” gets thrown around a lot as something we should be “doing” as project managers.? In most cases however, the “what to do” here is fairly fuzzy and inconsistent.? I’m guilty of verbally recognizing lessons learned throughout a project, but never really doing what should be done to document them properly, validate the conclusions, or take action so they are implemented in the future.

In an effort to get better at this and share with everyone else, I’ve created a Google document template to help document, understand, validate, and act on lessons learned.? There is a sample filled out, and I hope you will click the link at the top to share your suggestions for improving the template.

I will update the template over time as I get feedback, because one of my lessons learned is that progressive elaboration is awesome!

Download the template here.

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