Developing Thought Leadership on Your Project Team

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Bas De Baar (left), Hal Macomber (middle), Josh Nankivel (right) at the 2009 PMI NA Global Congress in Orlando, FL

I came across this video from Bas De Baar‘s Project Shrink Podcast and had to share.

This is Hal Macomber talking about how he has implemented blogging as a way for his project team to develop ideas, best practices, and many other benefits that come from being engaged in social media.

This is where I feel the true value of “social media” is for project management. ?Not so much (if at all) on projects themselves, but as a way to develop yourself and your team. ?Tools like Yammer could be classified as “social media” but I see it more as a collaboration/communication tool within a closed team or organization.

Have you experimented with any social media tools yourself? ?How has it benefited you, if at all?