Challenges, Experience, Certifications, and Inspiration

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It’s been a great week!

Your # 1 Career Challenge

I received tons of comments on my Monday post, asking for feedback from the community. Everyone who is getting started in project management should read through the comments thread, as that’s almost a book by itself with the quality and number of questions asked by everyone. I did my best to reply to all of them as I was able to find time throughout the course of the week.

Case Study of Gaining Experience in Project Management

On Tuesday I highlighted one particular example of volunteering project management skills in association with local groups to gain experience. This is a method I continue to use which grows my ability to manage projects effectively. If you want to really get good at influencing people without formal authority (which project managers must do) then try to manage a project team full of volunteers. Trust me, a corporate job managing projects is much easier!

All About Certifications For New Project Managers

Some excellent questions from Ryan prompted this post on Wednesday in which we wrestled with the value of certifications like the CAPM and Six Sigma Green Belt for new project managers. I weighed in with my usual mantra about targeting organizations and networking as the best method for making yourself appealing to hiring managers, not focusing so much on advanced degrees or certifications.

Why Am I A Project Manager

I absolutely loved putting together this YouTube video, and you should plan to see more like this from me in the future. It’s a tribute to project managers, old and new, and why this career is so fulfilling to me. ?If you haven’t watched it yet, please do and let me know what you think. ?I do a lot of “how to” videos ?and rather enjoyed doing this one with my story and for the purpose of inspiration.


Keep sharing, keep learning, and keep doing. ?Have a great weekend!