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PMP Exam Simulator changes on August 15th

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In addition to the PMP Training updates made for the changes in the PMP exam, the 1,800-question?PMP Exam Simulator I recommend is also being updated for you. I received this message from Cornelius of OSP International, about this sample test simulator I beta-tested and recommend as an affiliate. Hello PMI is changing the PMP exam […]

Approaching Project Management Interviews, Project Definition, and New Subscribers Shout-Out!

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I’d like to try something new, highlighting the best comments received in the last week. I absolutely LOVE getting comments on blog posts and engaging in the discussion that follows. Approaching Project Management Interviews On “How to Connect With People In Your Target Organizations“, Jennifer Bedell shared an awesome story illustrating her approach to the […]

An Example Of Great Networking

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Yesterday in Why You Suck At Networking I focused on some bad examples of attempts at networking. Here’s a good one. Yavor has been in the pmStudent community for a long time now, and has interacted with me consistently over time. ?He has offered helpful feedback to me and advice for how I can improve […]

Small Projects: How To Rock Them

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Feeling like your small projects aren’t giving you the experience you need? ?I know where you’re coming from. It’s how “accidental” project managers like us start out. ?Small businesses, small projects, small teams. I’ve worked in environments like this in the past, and currently?volunteer for several non-profits where this is the case. ?My activities with […]

Project Management: How to Keep Your Work and Family Life Separate

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Guest post by Pamelia Brown As a project manager, it can be difficult to separate your work responsibilities and your family duties at home. Because of your stressful, demanding job as a project manager, you feel like you have to work late hours to finish up all your planning for upcoming days. After all, being […]

How Cutting Corners Costs You More

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It happens to all of us. You’re a developer or a project manager and here comes the customer or stakeholders asking about how to cut a few corners. Your spider-sense should be tingling, because usually this will cause you more pain than it’s worth. Get the Full Perspective In order to make a decision like […]

Why Project Managers Should Become Legislators

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Yep, I’m going to talk about politics. ?But first, an apology. <apology> You may have noticed a dip in posting frequency as of late here on ?My sincere apologies for neglecting you, dear readers. ?I have become rather politically active as of late, primarily in relation to my work advocating for children with special […]

Measurement Always Dominates Intuition

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Guest post by Travis Anderson Glen Alleman made reference to ?Against the gods: The remarkable story of risk? in a previous PM Student post, ?How Expectations Mess Up Project Estimates. By trade I work as a PM Analyst and have an EVMS background. Measurements are a primary requirement on projects that utilize the fundamentals of […]

A Lean Agile Christmas

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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or whatever greeting is appropriate to you!? I sent a version of this out to those of you on my newsletters earlier (New PM, PMP Guide) and received some great responses.? And, some new ideas for next year! My wife and I have 3 awesome sons, and in past years we’ve […]

pmStudent Contest: Lateral Approach to Managing Projects

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I receive many offers from publishers to receive complimentary copies of new project management books, project management software, etc. Normally I respectfully decline as I do not have the time to read and review the flood of books and software.? I was thinking however, that it might be fun to offer these up to you, […]