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The Value of Professional Intuition in Project Management

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Should we trust our intuition? Find out in this guest post?by Shim Marom Common wisdom will tell you that Intuition is an internal perception of reality that is not directly associated with any reasoning process. If you are a project manager early in your career you will most likely seek guidance and mentoring from more […]

5 Steps To Get Better All The Time

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Improvement is easy. But only if it emerges over time, has buy-in from the people involved, and tracks with reality instead of the fantasy in some manager’s head. This approach comes from a long study of Lean and most recently inflences from the great book by Eric Ries, The Lean Startup. It’s simple and can […]

How To Commit Networking Suicide

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It’s happened a few times recently. Well-meaning and capable professionals are committing networking suicide in a desperate attempt to land a job. Here’s The Skinny I have received several broadcast emails where I’m among who knows how many people in the BCC line. The title is the person’s name or the type of job they […]

Thankful For You

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It’s Thanksgiving in the USA today. So here’s something I’m thankful for. Those of you who strive for competence, instead of just a title. Those of you who value real knowledge and wisdom, instead of a piece of paper. I know you are someone who values competence and the ability to add real value, because […]

The First Annual Shrinkie Awards

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I found out about this today and wanted to share with you. From the site: Shrinkonia😕a place where project teams find connection and flow, so they can create amazing things together. It?s located all over the world. And mobile. So it moves around. And people come and go. They move to Shrinkonia fluently and leave […]

You Are A Twit

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Or at least you should be 🙂 If you haven’t yet discovered Twitter as an awesome way to find great project management resources, let me introduce you. You, this is Twitter. ?Twitter, meet you. You can easily search Twitter for whatever type of project management resources you are interested in. You will quickly notice people […]

Feeling Overwhelmed?

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Me too. My apologies for the gap in my posting. I usually pump out 2-3 articles for you every week, but the last week and a half has been an exception. My Excuse It’s been one of those times when doing dual-duty as a Senior Systems Engineer and a Project Manager hit me all at […] Reaches Half a Million Visitors

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I’m making a weekend post today to thank all of you for engaging with me and reflect on my little project here at, so please forgive my divergence from the normal topics. In The Beginning It was just me and my blog. I wrote for the fun of it, and wrote for myself. It […]

Does IT Project Success Correlate to PMP Certification?

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Gary and Joseph from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania reached out to me about a research survey they are conducting. Please take a few moments to fill out their short survey to the best of your ability. This research study survey investigates key information technology (IT) project management activities in terms of project scope, time, and […]