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PMP Exam: Memorization vs Knowledge

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I received an email yesterday asking about ITTOs (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs) in relation to preparing for the PMP exam. They were asking a question I get all the time from people worried about having to memorize all of them.? Your own lessons learned may differ from mine, but here’s what I think about […]

New Project Managers and the PMP Exam: A Rant

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The PMI has done a magnificent job of marketing themselves and one of their certifications in particular, the PMP exam. If you are relatively new to the career opportunities that revolve around project management and start researching more about the field, it is likely you will know about the existence of the PMP exam immediately. […]

Sharing PMP Exam Lessons Learned

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Hi Josh – Just wanted to let you know I passed my PMP exam this summer – actually August 6th at around 4:30 pm (est) I believe was when I saw PASS on the computer screen in front of me. Here’s what helped me: Your site and advice I did order PM Prepcast and honestly […]

Great PMP Exam Training

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In terms of a self-study course to help prepare for the PMP exam, this is the only one I recommend. Why? Because I purchased it myself when I was studying for my PMP exam and I enjoyed a few key aspects of the program…

Story Time!

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Telling stories is a powerful way to convey just about any message.

Lessons learned and mentoring are received in a deeper way when relayed through a well-told narrative.

iPhone/iPod Touch Apps – PMP sample questions

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I spent some time reviewing 3 iPhone applications and put together this video review for you. These are all sample test applications for the PMP exam. I took many screen shots from my iPod Touch to show you what these apps look like. Even if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch this may give you some ideas about what to look for in general when searching for sample test questions.

PM Certification: PMP Exam Lessons Learned

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Congrats on your PMP certification!!! Do you have any tips and advice you want to offer up to readers of If so, I can take an email and plug it into a blog post and an edition of the newsletter. It’s always good for people to hear about real experience.