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How To Think Critically About PMP Training Providers

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PMP: Suitable For Me? Hi Josh, I have Diploma with 6 years of experience. In all these 6 years, I was working as a Project Participant in project and not LEADING the project. My local PMP education provider said I am eligible for PMP. Is that true? Is 5 years of project leading experience not […]

4 Steps To Recover From a PMP Exam Fail

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I get to help people with all kinds of questions about their project management careers, and I absolutely love doing it. I offer and recommend training to teach general project management knowledge, career coaching, and to help with things like PMP certification. But what happens if you fail the PMP exam? It’s Not All Puppy […]

Passing Score For PMP – Why You Shouldn’t Care

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Hi Josh, I appreciate your daily emails, they keep me focused. I have heard conflicting info on what is passing on the PMP exam. I’ve read 61%, 65%, I’ve read you have to pass each of 5 knowledge areas?. Studying hard, yet curious – does anyone really know? -Betty I received this question as a […]

PMP Exam Simulator changes on August 15th

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In addition to the PMP Training updates made for the changes in the PMP exam, the 1,800-question?PMP Exam Simulator I recommend is also being updated for you. I received this message from Cornelius of OSP International, about this sample test simulator I beta-tested and recommend as an affiliate. Hello PMI is changing the PMP exam […]

PMP Training Updates for the August Changes To The PMP Exam

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I received this update from Cornelius that will be of interest to you if you are a current student of his or plan to purchase his excellent training. ?I used his training for my own PMP studies, and I am a proud affiliate of his training program. Free Update for Active Customers… Hello Josh The […]

PMP Certification: The 4 Pillars

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For anyone who is interested in learning more about and pursuing the PMP certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) there are some elements which are essential to focus on. Do not go and purchase training if you haven’t yet figured out what the exam is all about and if you even want to pursue […]

Pass The PMP Exam Fast And Easy!

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Gotcha! (Bait and switch, I know. ?But it’s for your own good. ?Stay with me.) I know some people believe that certifications like the PMP are just something to get through as fast as you can, as easily as possible. Many people drift through college too, taking the easy classes and doing the bare minimum […]

PMP Exam Changes August 31, 2011

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I’ve been getting many questions on this topic recently, so here is a short video with some information and resources for you on the upcoming change to the PMP exam. If you are not yet signed up for PMP Guide, you can do it right now to the right. In general, I don’t think it’s […]

Announcement: Free PMP Exam Simulator

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I’ve been so busy over the last few weeks.? One of my?project teams is going through a formal testing cycle, and?I completely spaced letting you know about a new resource?available for you if you are planning on going after the PMP exam. I was on the phone with Cornelius Fichtner, host of the?famous PM Podcast […]

Should You Only Hire PMPs?

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I received an email from the studio audience which has sparked one of my rare but fun rants. “…companies should use PMPs instead of untrained but experienced project leads. If you have any sources I could use, please send them on!!”” Deep breaths Josh….deep breaths….. That’s Lazy If screening for PMP certification is a part […]