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You Project Managers are Tools Crazy

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I see a common theme in the email and comments I receive, and in forums where people who are new to project management are active. A good chunk of you are asking about tools. Tools, tools, tools.? MS Project.? Primavera.? Wrike.? Basecamp.? So many others big and small.? There’s a lot of money and attention […]

Learning the Hard Way

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When I started getting interested in formal project management, I was lost.? I didn’t know where to start, and when I found some information I usually didn’t fully understand it because I was not familiar with the lingo. One of my goals for is to save other people the pain I went through while […]

Two New Resources For Project Managers

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I’m excited about a few new FREE resources I’ve put together for the community. One is for new and aspiring project managers, the other is for helping PMP-certified project managers leverage and maintain their credential. I hope these are valuable for you and where you are at in your own career.

Do you act on lessons learned?

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In an effort to get better at this and share with everyone else, I’ve created a Google document template to help document, understand, validate, and act on lessons learned. Download it here.

Not recommending Method123 or MPMM any longer

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Some of you may have noticed that I used to have a link for Method123 and MPMM above the comment box on each post.? I’ve removed them and am no longer recommending them. I have heard good things about them which is why I chose to put the links up in the first place.? They […]

What Troubled Projects Are Costing Us

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Troubled projects afflict organizations worldwide in both commercial and public sectors as they regularly experience higher than anticipated costs, unmet schedules and unfulfilled requirements.. The high rates of project failure?particularly among information technology (IT) projects?often impact an organization?s essential business strategy and operations. Study after study details bleak project results, while government reports and company […]

Modeling Tools

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Craig over at Better Projects proposed a meme on modeling for his fellow bloggers.? (link) I’m keen to see what you guys put up – what models are we using and how? Ishikawa Diagram The first one I remember using was not as a project manager, but very relevant.? It was a form of an […]

Don?t Try This Alone! Whacky for Wikis and Crazy for Collaboration

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Happy New Year everyone!? I live in California, so my snowmen have to been made of something besides snow, as you can see.? I do hope you are not succumbing to the temptation to sink into doom and gloom due to rampant forecasts of imminent and long-lasting economic disaster.? Resist the urge!? It’s a mood […]


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Crashing is a process of expediting project schedule by compressing the total project duration. It is helpful when managers want to avoid incoming bad weather season. However, the downside is that more resources are needed to speed-up a part of a project, even if resources may be withdrawn from one facet of the project and […]

New Website to Rate & Review Project Management Resources

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PM Opinions is a new website dedicated to helping project managers sort through all the resources and products out there. This is a valuable service, and just like any other website with ratings & reviews it helps you get a good feel for something before spending time or money researching it yourself.