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Project Management in Everyday Life

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I use techniques I learned as a project manager in my everyday life all the time. ?Do you? If you are learning to become a project manager, have you started experimenting with these tools and techniques on your own, so that when you do start managing your own projects you will already be familiar with […]

Project Management From a Practical Perspective

Project Management From a Practical Perspective Let?s start with the basic premise that most of the significant things we do can really be considered a project. Whether that?s building a new house, developing a new set of purchasing procedures, implementing a new computer system etc., (the list is potentially endless) these types of endeavours can […]

Chaos and SCRUM

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Josh asked me to write about some of the challenges and obstacles that we face in our environment. In order to do that I should explain a little about that environment.

Over the past 36 months we have transformed ourselves…

5 Steps to Sighting In Precise Project Scope

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When you come to initiating a project, determining the project scope can at the outset seem like an easy thing to do. After all everyone must be clear on what the project is delivering because otherwise there wouldn?t be project, right? Sadly no. Accurately determining the scope of a project is one of the hardest […]

Project Objectives and Deliverables (Or “how to WBS”)

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Lately I have been working on thinking about the best way to go about project planning, especially in terms of objectives and deliverables. Based on my experience at several companies and some independent research, here are my current thoughts on the subject. Hierarchy I’m fairly convinced that in most cases, this is an effective hierarchy […]