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Risk Management in the Snow

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…we stayed the night because it was getting worse and the snow plows weren’t going to be out until the next day in that area. I wouldn’t have driven back on Saturday around noon but our dog Snickers needed to be cared for. So I left the family safe and warm inside and I ventured out.


The Top 2 Reasons You Should Develop Contingency Plans Too

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Guest post from Susan de Sousa When you first start off in project management, spending time writing a contingency plan can seem like a complete waste of time. After all there are so many other things which appear to have a much higher priority, that planning contingency for risks which might never happen doesn’t seem […]

Effective Opportunity Management for Projects

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Glen Alleman left a comment recommending several resources for me, one of which is the book “Effective Opportunity Management for Projects“.? I am reading it now and would like to share some of my initial insights thus far. I’ve found the authors agree with me that standard risk management approaches mostly pay lip service to […]

The Case for Opportunity Management

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Glen B. Alleman left a great comment with a link to an article refuting the need for Opportunity Management (OM). I have reviewed the article and feel it is describing a version of OM that is not what I am proposing. I’m still formulating my thoughts on this, so please excuse me if it sounds like random babble!!!! 🙂

The Need for a New Knowledge Area

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So I’m doing some PMP sample test questions today and ran into one where at the end, additional things were added and the customer is very happy. According to the answer, this project was unsuccessful because the additional features were “gold plating” which wastes time and probably cost. I got this wrong because I read “the project has added [this and that]” as the [this and that] = intended product of the project.

But there’s a deeper insight here.

Stress Attitudes

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Stress is all around us, on projects and elsewhere in daily life. It is important to have an understanding of the manner in which people on your project team perceive and deal with stresses they will encounter on your project. Stress Appraisal Types Appraisal Description Properties Harm/Loss Holds a grudge or can’t get over a […]

Risk Attitudes

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I listened to Cornelius Fichtner’s new PM Podcast episode today, How do risk attitudes affect your project? As usual, Cornelius provides great content in this episode. The interview with Janice Preston was very insightful and helped me with the concept of risk management. In school, they teach you that risk management is almost like it’s […]