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Where Did THAT Project Come From?

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There you are, about to lead another project kick off meeting. You know what you and your team are supposed to accomplish, but do you know why? If you are not certain do not feel badly, because you are not alone. Too often we are assigned projects to lead without being given any background as […]

A 3-Step Process for Painless Project Planning

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Do you know what the biggest pain in project management is? I’ll tell you what it is. Building something nobody wants. I’ve learned the hard way over the years that it’s easy to forget the basics when you start getting immersed in all the flashy concepts, funky language, and fancy tools out there for planning […]

Is Time Buffering Dishonest?

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Hello Josh, I have been following your site and information for some time now and have always found it to be helpful and insightful. I have a question that to be honest I never really thought about until yesterday. The topic is on the project management best practice of time buffering. It is common and […]

How To Estimate Project Work

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Recently my team and I tried out a modified hybrid method of doing project estimation. I’d like to share it with you today. This method is essentially a combination with the Delphi method of estimation that I have used before, and a agile method of estimation. Check out my friend Travis’ post on Cost Estimation […]

Barriers to Innovation in Project Management

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Have you ever had a great idea, a way to improve a product, service, or process? How receptive was your project environment to taking it seriously? Of course not every idea is equally feasible or even productive. Sometimes there are very good reasons to resist innovation. More often in my opinion, new ideas get squashed […]

Risk Happens

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Guest post by Mike Clayton Why Every Project Manager needs to Understand Risk Project management is a discipline born from necessity.? If projects were not so challenging, we wouldn?t need a separate toolkit and processes.? But we do need them, because when we try to create change under constraints like schedule, performance and budget, we […]

Rolling Wave Planning and Progressive Elaboration

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Hi Josh, I am reviewing the PM PrepCast for the second time. I am scheduled to take the exam [soon]. Right now I have an issue discerning the difference between Rolling Wave Planning and Progressive Elaboration. Not that this issue by itself is pass/fail but every question answered correctly helps. Can you provide a some […]