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Project Management Techniques

Point 6 – Job/task-related training

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A quality organization understands the value of the people who work in it. The same goes for project management. Training project managers, analysts, and everyone else who regularly works on projects in the company methodology, soft skills, etc. can bring significant rewards. Many companies use the cop-out of “on the job training” to sidestep any […]

Point 5 – Continuous Improvement

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This is one of my favorite points from Dr. Deming. I see so many mistakes that are made again and again, and lessons learned that are either completely undocumented or filed away after a project, never to be seen again. Do all of the other project managers in the firm get exposure to lessons learned […]

Point 3 – Inspection is a tool for improvement, not a whip

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Deming’s third point urges practitioners to design quality into processes, using inspection as an information-gathering tool to do so. In project management, the processes and systems make up a methodology. Does your organization have a consistent methodology, or does everyone run projects their own way? Inspecting project performance through the lens of continuous improvement facilitates […]

Deming’s 14 Points in Project Management

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Dr. W. Edwards Deming was recently re-introduced to me in my Project Performance and Quality Assurance class. I have heard of him before and touched on some of his philosophy in other classes, but focused much more in-depth this time. The majority of his philosophy around quality and organizational management resonate with me. So, I’ve […]

Quality Perspectives in Project Management

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In Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence, Evans and Lindsay point to 5 distinct perspectives when defining quality. They are transcendent, product-based, user-based, value-based, and manufacturing-based. The authors discuss the topic in terms of defining quality within organizations and products. I see parallels to defining quality when running projects. Transcendent Quality This perspective makes a […]

It Was An Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny……

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Finding the right balance of documentation and methodology can be challenging on small projects. Here are some tips. I have been managing small projects for some time now. Some of my project are really tiny, I’m talking about 8 hours of work max. Others can be 2 week or month-long projects. Some span several months, […]