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Jenga Project Management Processes

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Project Managers can get a little nuts about process sometimes. I mean, really. ?Really crazy. ?We add, and add, and add. ?It feels good, I think it’s an addiction actually. But then we end up with a pile of (insert?expletive) that looks like a Jenga game about to fall over. We have to police ourselves. […]

Oracle Primavera Enterprise PPM Virtual Summit

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Guest post by Travis Anderson Earn PDUs while learning how Oracle Primavera is adamant about riding the world of project failure. Get started by visiting the registration screen at Oracle Primavera Enterprise PPM Virtual Summit. Once you get your login information, go to the Auditorium and watch Joel Koppelman, Sr. VP & GM of […]

Program Manager Standard

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Today I would like to draw your attention to the Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards (GAPPS) and the exposure draft of their program manager standard.? They are looking for feedback, and even if you are new to project and program management I suggest you check out the exposure draft for a fresh perspective if […]

PMO Archetypes – Reflective of the PMO Leader?

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Social media/networking is awesome. ?Here’s an example. Last week I received a question?looking for PMO resource material, specifically PMO best practices. So I published a post called PMO Best Practices with some that I knew of and asked for more from the readers, which I got. Then today I see Ron Rosenhead on Twitter referring […]

PMO Best Practices

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This is a question I’m starting to get more often now. ?I do not focus on the PMO or PPM areas, but wanted to offer up some helpful resources for you, and ask YOU the reader for your recommendations too. Dear Josh! I am writing to ask your help and advise on PMO topic. I […]