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Project Management Methodologies

Methodology Madness

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I received a great question from a subscriber to my PMP Guide newsletter about methodologies and frameworks.

He cited a bountiful list with a question of whether he needs to know all of these in and out:

Scrum Revisited: Video Edition

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I’ve been crazy again about Scrum recently and wanted to share these great videos with you. ?All are entertaining and relatively short, and good for Scrum newbies. Enjoy! Scrum Basics This is one of the best “intro to Scrum” video I’ve ever seen! ?The first minute is a little slow, but it gets better after […]

Agile… No PM Needed?

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Today I want to address this comment that was left on a previous post here at Anon Simple, adopt agile methods, which incorporate self organizing teams. Just like that, no PM needed. Now I am studying PM, but its only to make me a better member of modern agile self-organizing generalist teams. My Reply: […]

Introducing “Critical Chain Project Management”

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…an effective scheduling technique that enables project managers to truly plan a project instead of merely stringing tasks together to an end date. True planning calls fot a great deal of thought that should go into executing a project and steer it towards success. But to do that, we need to first understand project failure.

Get Developers Pumped About Project Management

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Yep, that’s what I said. This is a great presentation of how one firm utilizes SCRUM in the real world.? Jim Kinter and I have both written about SCRUM on this site before, and I think this video does a wonderful job of giving you a feel for it. It’s also played to some hip […]

Implementing SCRUM…the basics – Part 1

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I started to write a response to a recent blog post about the effect that a slowing economy will have on the adoption of?Agile project management methodologies when I realized?from the comments on that site that there may be some folks here that are not yet familiar with Agile/SCRUM. I’m going to speak specifically about […]

Agile & Waterfall Scheduling and Sprint Planning

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In my last article I shared some background and differences between agile and waterfall development methodology. I would now like to share a few lessons learned in managing a project that is utilizing both methodologies concurrently. As I come across more, I will add a post. Scheduling Agile, by definition doesn?t typically consider functionality being […]