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Project Management Lessons Learned

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

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Do you struggle with this too? It can take different forms: ‘Doing it yourself’ when it would be better to let someone else handle it. Gold plating, which is adding more features because you think they are ‘cool’. Putting extra effort towards something other than your product without any potential value to the customer. And […]

Top Ten Reasons Why Projects Fail

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Guest post by?Dr. Ian Clarkson Why do projects fail? Problems can manifest from anywhere on a project but there are several elements of a project that if managed poorly could mean that the project may fail to deliver: Poor sponsorship If the people at the top are not supportive this will severely hamper or even […]

Lessons Learned in Project Management

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I have learned sooooo much over the past decade that I’ve been managing projects. So when Terrell asked for sharing lessons learned, I was all over it. My blog and project management training pretty much are my lessons learned from over the years. ?The great thing about having written this blog for 5 years now […]

How Cutting Corners Costs You More

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It happens to all of us. You’re a developer or a project manager and here comes the customer or stakeholders asking about how to cut a few corners. Your spider-sense should be tingling, because usually this will cause you more pain than it’s worth. Get the Full Perspective In order to make a decision like […]

Project Failure: We are at it Again

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Serendipity happens. I responded to a student Inside pmStudent e-Learning with what turned out to essentially be an article about criteria for project success and failure. A few days later, Shim wrote “Projects failure rate ? the conventional wisdom is wrong!” on his fantastic blog.? I started leaving a comment, and it became one of […]

5 Things To Be Grateful For

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OMG. I LOVE Thanksgiving. When else can you eat 4000 calories without feeling guilty and put yourself into a tryptophan-induced coma? Family, food, and last but not least… Giving Thanks Really though, the best thing about this holiday for me is that is forces me to stop complaining and start noticing all of the amazing […]