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Don’t Hire Coaches – Until You Consider these Four Perspectives

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  Contributed by Leila Rezaiguia For years, leadership coaching has been seen as an integral aspect of any powerful organization. Its prominence has grown as the coaching’s value is now regarded as a worthwhile investment resulting in more effective, engaged leadership. For this reason, more and more organizations are looking for ways to spread coaching […]

Prevent these Five Causes of Team Friction and Experience Team Success

Contributed by Heather Redding A team is only as good as the cooperation between its members. The first place you should look to optimize performance isn’t the process but the team itself. We’re all human, and team members will experience friction. If you notice recurring issues, then resolving those issues is your first order of […]

What does Kindness have to do with Motivation?

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Some of your team members are motivated by the need to feel connected. If you have studied motivational theories, then you have come across McClelland’s theory. This theory basically states that people tend to be motivated either by a need for power, a need for affiliation, or a need for achievement. To be more accurate, […]

5 Tips for Starting & Sustaining Relationships with Stakeholders

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As a project manager, you prioritize building and strengthening stakeholder relationships for good reason. Every supplier, investor, employee, and project sponsor involved shares a vested interest in the success of the project and, on a larger scale, the entire company. Author Simon Simek notes in his book that a business’s success is measured by longevity […]

The Best Speech You Will Ever Regret

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Speak when you are angry, and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” Ambrose Bierce You just gave one of your most eloquent speeches. You were inspired, you were passionate, you were a bit witty, and you had the attention of everyone around you. Your words evoked strong emotion in others.  Unfortunately, […]

Shifts in Project Management Post COVID-19

By Luke Smith Is there an aspect of work that COVID-19 has not changed? For project managers, likely not. New processes for remote work, changes in company structure and composition, and trends in management strategies overall will define the modern workplace. But project managers can successfully navigate these shifts. With the tools and strategies available […]

Turn Your Disagreeing Team Into A High Performing Team

Why was Joe putting so much effort into the decision-making process and the outcome of that process? He had a high-performing team. This was a team that worked well together and met challenging goals. A team who could argue and then break into laughter. This time the team felt a bit more passionate about the issue at hand. The divide seemed a bit deeper than during any of their previous disagreements

Four Tools for Building Your Leadership Skills

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No matter how experienced you are. No matter how many projects you have managed or teams that you have led, you can always brush up on your leadership skills. While it continues to be important for you to model responsible behavior to your teams, other ways to lead may vary in their necessity. For example, in 2020 the need to lead virtual teams, and inspire work from home employees has moved to the top of desirable skills. The good news is that you can always learn and change and grow.