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Developing Thought Leadership on Your Project Team

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I came across this video from Bas De Baar‘s Project Shrink Podcast and had to share. This is Hal Macomber talking about how he has implemented blogging as a way for his project team to develop ideas, best practices, and many other benefits that come from being engaged in social media. This is where I […]

Project Communication – Email Accountability Check

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Time to hold my feet to the fire. Recently I wrote a post about email communication on projects. ?My focus was for co-located teams and my aversion to using email as a primary communication mechanism for this kind of project environment. I’ve been with my new team for about 6 weeks now and decided it […]

Project Management From a Practical Perspective

Project Management From a Practical Perspective Let?s start with the basic premise that most of the significant things we do can really be considered a project. Whether that?s building a new house, developing a new set of purchasing procedures, implementing a new computer system etc., (the list is potentially endless) these types of endeavours can […]

“Open Source” Program Manager Competency Standards Workshop- Bali, Indonesia, 5, 6 & 7 Feb, 2010.

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Guest post by Dr. Paul Giammalvo Dear Colleagues, PTMC is pleased to announce that Bali, Indonesia has been selected as the site of the next Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards (GAPPS) workshop, where we will be FINALIZING the development of PROGRAM MANAGER competency standards for release as an exposure draft. . This […]

Why Should You Care About Social Media?

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I had a great time in Orlando recently for the 2009 PMI North America Global Congress. The PMI New Media Council did a presentation titled “Why Should You Care About Social Media?”. Bas De Baar (ProjectShrink), Cornelius Fitchner (PMPodcast), and I (pmStudent) collaborated for our segment of the presentation, focused on demonstrating the use of […]