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Four Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings

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Virtual meetings are not going away anytime soon. If anything we will have more and more of them. As we reach out globally, yet cut back on spending (goodbye travel expenses), we will continue to meet in virtual conference rooms all over the planet. Like any well run meeting, you need to prepare, you need […]

The Accidental Project Manager

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Josh Nankivel who created the pmStudent community that we all now enjoy, was an accidental project manager. Well me too! And maybe you as well. Apparently it is not all that unusual that some of us stumbled upon project management In fact last week I was on the phone with a client (he was learning […]

Project Management Training For Social Good

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My family and I had a fantastic time earlier this month at the Walk for Autism Speaks Event! And thanks to the sponsorship of pmStudent readers like you, we raised $12,211 for Autism research. In this video I thank you for your sponsorship and tell you a bit about what you did, share some pictures […]

I Don’t Have A Freaking Second To Waste

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I received this email from a subscriber to my PMP Coach newsletter. I DO enjoy the candid nature of the communication, but it’s going to result in a tiny weeny bit of a rant. You’ve been warned. 🙂 Check it out: Hello Josh , I like your emails. Anyway – i don’t have a freaking […]

Advanced APPLIED Project Management Course

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Guest Post by Dr. Paul Giammalvo Colleagues, Interested in developing and benchmarking your COMPETENCY and that of your team in ADVANCED PROJECT and PROGRAM MANAGEMENT, COST ENGINEERING and PROJECT CONTROLS? If the answer is yes, then NOW is the time to consider signing up for the next AACE Certification Prep Courses starting in Lagos, Nigeria […]

WBS Coach Now Available In Spanish!

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After many requests for the WBS Coach book to be translated into Spanish and a long effort to make it happen, it is finally available! ?ngel ?gueda has translated the book and helped me to enhance it for Spanish-speaking project managers around the world. It has been a fun experience, and I am anxious to […]

How To Get Into Project Management

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I received a great question from Chris this morning, a question I get very often. Hi josh, Things are going fine. But it has been hard to enter into Project Management field. All jobs need a minimum of three years of hands-on as a project manager. How one can get entry into this field? Any […]