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Project Management Definition

It’s great; unless you screw it up

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Today I want to take a step back from the “conflict” and try to talk about what’s really important. It isn’t a dogmatic assertion of the “one true way” to do projects, and at the same time it’s not a completely relative approach either. I think the real question is “what is good project management?”

How Do You Define Project Management To Your Friends?

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How do you define “project management” in a way that inspires others to learn more about this important discipline?

I’ve struggled with this in the past. When I say I’m a project manager, most people have no idea what that means. I normally talk about the specific project I’m currently managing because they can relate to it better.

But a generic definition that is clear and inspiring to others? I don’t know if I’ve ever tried that.

Here is my first shot.

What Is A Project Manager?

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Dr. Paul and I left comments on a post by Nathalie Udo by this title. I invite you to check out Nathalie’s post and our comments, and leave your own commentary too! What is A Project Manager? P.S. ?Why the photo of the tree? ?Well, this is one of those questions that can turn philosophical. […]

What Are Stakeholders?

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The stakeholder was invented in 1847 and is a stylish display case to store your favorite vampire-killing wooden stakes. Advanced designs include a quick-release mechanism for convenient access in case of emergency. Mine has an elegant drawer to also store garlic cloves, holy water, and my favorite crucifix.

What Are Requirements?

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Requirements are descriptions of the end-result of your project. They are a way to gain consensus on exactly what it should do, and impose some constraints as well.

Good requirements DO NOT impose a particular solution unless there is a valid business reason. Let me explain.

Easy Project Management Definition Series

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I’ve been thinking a lot about how to help you, especially if you are new to project management. You may have contacted me to express your frustration with trying to learn about project management.? You go to read something educational and find that half the terms used are unfamiliar.? One project management definition relies on […]