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Project Management Definition

So, You Want to Be an IT Project Manager?

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IT Project Manager

Looking for your opportunity might not be easy, but it is worth it. It will take time. Get started by doing some research. Look at your favorite job sites and look at the project manager jobs that interest you Don’t neglect opportunities that don’t offer a great salary but do offer experience. It’s not always about money, but about connections, future opportunities and invaluable experience.

What is a Business Analyst?

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Guest Post by Brad People often ask me, “Brad, What is a Business Analyst?” Although I can’t see your face as you’re reading this, I’m sure you will have the same disappointed look on your face most people have when I give you the answer: It depends. No I’m not trying to be difficult, but […]

What Is A WBS?

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Great question from Bill today about what a WBS is and how it’s used in planning project scope: Hello Josh Please clarify something for me. I am only into chapter 7 of WBS Coach so if it is explained later please forgive me. From what I have read so far it seems that the WBS […]

What Is A Project? – Goldilocks Edition

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Many people ask the question “What is a project?” every day. For some, the first time you may have heard of such a thing was due to finding a posting on a job board somewhere for a project manager. Curious, you are now asking what a project actually is. ?What is this thing you would […]

Program Manager Defined

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Guest post by Denis Geoghegan As a program manager the second most common question I?m asked is ?what is the difference between a project manager and a program manager??. The first most popular question I?m asked is ?what is a program manager anyway??. Deliverables Versus Benefits The classic explanation of the difference between project managers […]

IT/IS Project Management Video

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Today I would like to share this video I found on YouTube with you.? It appears to be a short lesson from a college class.? It’s rather academic in nature using slides, which isn’t my training style but it’s not bad for a general overview of project management.? I tend to focus more on telling […]