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Why Am I A Project Manager?

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A tribute to project managers and those who want to be project managers, all over the world. One morning I woke up asking myself ‘what do I want to be when I grow up’. I had been laid off from my job as an operations manager the day before. Rather than drown in self-pity, I […]

What Is CAPM Good For?

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Hi Josh, I’m a college student majoring in Project Management. I have been involved in a few projects in my lifetime, but never in any lead positions, so I don’t have experience in actual project management. This article was excellent. I find that I share characteristics with more than one of your PM examples. I […]

Experience in Project Management – How To Get It

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Steve Tkalcevich is a member of the Lakeshore, Ontario chapter of PMI in Canada. His chapter partnered with another community organization to do something great. He gained some great experience, and is continuing to volunteer. In an email exchange I recently had with Steve, he said: I am now volunteering with a local art gallery […]

The # 1 Challenge For New Project Managers

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there lived tens of thousands of struggling professionals who wanted to get into project management. They found a blog on the internet called “pmStudent”. The man behind the writing and training really wanted to see them succeed and achieve their career goals. So the man […]

How To Evaluate A Project Management Job Posting

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So you come across a job posting that looks interesting. Hopefully you’ve researched the organization already and know quite a bit about it. I received a question about a specific job posting asking for my advice on the role as it’s described, and if/how they should take action. See the description below (my annotations in […]

How To Connect With People In Your Target Organizations

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In my Project Management Career newsletter, one of the recurring themes I cover is targeting organizations instead of just focusing on a specific job title. In my experience, throwing applications and resumes out to job boards is the least effective approach, but unfortunately it’s all most people do. I received this response after relaying my […]

Career in Project Management

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Happy Monday everyone! So here’s the deal. If your career in project management is important to you: Go to our LinkedIn group right now, Career in Project Management Post a discussion asking your top question now I can’t make you take action, but action is the only thing that will change your life. If you […]

What Is A Project Coordinator?

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The role of Project Coordinator was on Scott’s mind recently, so he replied to one of my Project Management Career Coaching issues with this: Hi Josh, I am currently going to school for Project Management and have really enjoyed reading your daily emails. I am currently a Manufacturing Supervisor at a small company. My goal […]

Experience in Project Management

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Jose sent me a great email with some important questions about gaining experience in project management, and education: Hi Josh! I’m a huge follower of yours and really enjoy your tips. I’m sure you get this often, but I have been struggling with what the next step is. I am continuously learning, but feel I […]

Lessons Learned in Project Management

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I have learned sooooo much over the past decade that I’ve been managing projects. So when Terrell asked for sharing lessons learned, I was all over it. My blog and project management training pretty much are my lessons learned from over the years. ?The great thing about having written this blog for 5 years now […]