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Become a pmp

Like A Boss

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It’s hard not to feel inspired. I’m contacted daily by people who are deciding enough is enough, and they are taking charge of their careers. Perseverance Some have failed. Didn’t get that job they were going for. Didn’t pass the PMP exam. But they keep going. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I […]

You Have To Start Somewhere

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I get it. Trust me, I’ve been there. And for certain new adventures I’m starting, I’m there now with you. Starting something new is daunting. Maybe you feel overwhelmed because you don’t have experience managing projects yet, and you are trying to land project management roles so you can gain experience. Perhaps you are stuck […]

CV-Resume Service – Considerations For You

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In response to my article Hiring Managers Are Shopping, I got this great question: “Thanks for this, Josh. I?ve been studying a great deal on the subject lately, and there really seems to be a consensus about the importance of networking. In light of that, my question may be a bit against the grain: do […]

What is a Business Analyst?

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Guest Post by Brad People often ask me, “Brad, What is a Business Analyst?” Although I can’t see your face as you’re reading this, I’m sure you will have the same disappointed look on your face most people have when I give you the answer: It depends. No I’m not trying to be difficult, but […]

How To Land A Job In Project Management

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I know, I know. ?You are probably tired of me droning on about this. But many people still have this question, and it’s important. And as I’ve said before, most people go about it totally wrong in my humble opinion. Let me explain. In my?online training, I teach people to get clear on their goals […]

Challenges, Experience, Certifications, and Inspiration

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It’s been a great week! Your # 1 Career Challenge I received tons of comments on my Monday post, asking for feedback from the community. Everyone who is getting started in project management should read through the comments thread, as that’s almost a book by itself with the quality and number of questions asked by […]