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Project Manager Career Choices

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Wondering what your options are for your budding project manager career? You have a unique scenario (just like everyone else 🙂 ) A quick shout-out to new students taking their careers seriously this week. Welcome Brenda, Gayle, Jessica, Doug, Kumar, Scott, Worthey, Colin, Jessica (a different Jessica), Pacheco, and J.B. Your Career General training is […]

Project Management Training For Social Good

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My family and I had a fantastic time earlier this month at the Walk for Autism Speaks Event! And thanks to the sponsorship of pmStudent readers like you, we raised $12,211 for Autism research. In this video I thank you for your sponsorship and tell you a bit about what you did, share some pictures […]

6 Ways To Screw Up Networking With New People

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In one of the lessons in The Project Management Career Coaching Course I highlight some common networking mistakes people make. Check it out. 1 – Not Being Organized The less organized you are, the more likely you will do something stupid like double-book yourself and have to reschedule a meeting. If you look like you […]

Your Resume Has 6 Seconds To Live

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How much time do recruiters or hiring managers spend reviewing your resume, on average? Studies have previously come out with results of 4-5 minutes, when you ask hiring managers how much time they spend. That’s self-report data. Is it reality? It’s BS A recent eye-tracking study found something a bit different. That’s right. Especially when […]

How To Impress Hiring Managers

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How do you make a great impression on a hiring manager? A question I saw recently on a message board asked what to do when you are able to network effectively enough to take someone out for coffee, someone who could potentially hire you in the future for their organization. There were some great answers […]

Do I Have To Spent $2000 To Get PMP Certified?

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Survey says…. No. Make sure you are fully informed before spending money on PMP training of any kind. Knowledge is power, and there are tons of free resources out there for you to learn how deep the water is before you dive in. So I’ll take this opportunity to give some tips and point you […]

How To Land A Project Manager Job

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A great discussion about pursuing a project management role on the LinkedIn group recently spurred me to put together some more in-depth information for you today. Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget that many of you may not know about the many routes available to you for landing a project management job. Believe it […]