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How To Find The Perfect Employee

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It’s crazy. Job seekers have a hard time finding a new job. Well guess what? Finding good candidates for your open positions isn’t a walk in the park either! Aside from this video tutorial on how to use LinkedIn to find the best candidates (see below) there’s something else that’s important. Networking Of course! Out […]

How To Find A New Job

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To find a new job you should go to a job board website and start submitting applications, right? Wrong. In my experience that method is ineffective. Almost to the point of being a waste of time. Even worse, if you do end up landing a job this way you could be stuck in a company […]

Job Interview Tips – When You Lack Experience

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You’ve got a big interview coming up. It will be your first project management gig, for example. IF you get the job. How do you prepare for an interview like this, when this role is going to be new territory? How do you compete with other candidates who may have years or decades of experience? […]

How To Answer Interview Questions

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Sampath wrote me recently asking what to do. He’s been getting feedback from hiring managers that he’s ‘being too technical’ in interviews for business analyst/project manager roles. I’ve seen this before. A Good Story The best way to answer any interview question is with an example from your past. <- Click to tweet this quote […]

10 Smart Tips For Your Project Management Career

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Guest Post by Leam Hall When I job search I take my own advice. I’m currently trying to change jobs, careers, and locations. Oddly enough, I was accused of calling someone a “Welfare b****” when I gave this advice. The individual seemed to think her age and experience was beyond these recommendations. That I am […]

Project Manager Career Choices

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Wondering what your options are for your budding project manager career? You have a unique scenario (just like everyone else 🙂 ) A quick shout-out to new students taking their careers seriously this week. Welcome Brenda, Gayle, Jessica, Doug, Kumar, Scott, Worthey, Colin, Jessica (a different Jessica), Pacheco, and J.B. Your Career General training is […]

Project Management Training For Social Good

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My family and I had a fantastic time earlier this month at the Walk for Autism Speaks Event! And thanks to the sponsorship of pmStudent readers like you, we raised $12,211 for Autism research. In this video I thank you for your sponsorship and tell you a bit about what you did, share some pictures […]