Carpe Factum Revisited

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Today I received an email from Timothy Johnson over at Carpe Factum. I met Timothy when he did a presentation for the Sioux Empire chapter of PMI here in Sioux Falls, SD. His presentation was titled “What your project team isn’t telling you.” I wrote about the presentation back in January.

I found out that Timothy’s new book, Gust: The “Tale” Wind of Office Politics is available for pre-order! I placed an order today for both of his books. I haven’t read either yet, but based on meeting Timothy and hearing/reading his content in the past, I’m sure they will be good. He’s a smart guy with good thoughts to share, so check out Carpe Factum and Timothy’s books.

Congratulations Timothy on the debut of your new book! Stay tuned for a review of both books after I’ve received and read them.