C.E.P.M. Certification – Looks Like a Scam To Me!

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Fellow PM bloggers, twitter(ers?), etc. please pass this information along! ?It’s very important that we prevent people who are new to project management from getting tricked into what looks like an obvious scam to me!

So I’m browsing the Twitterverse today and start seeing a lot of messages from @CEPM_CERT that look like a canned autoresponder to me.

cepmSomeone set up this account on Twitter today, and within 3 hours they’ve already sent 33 updates out with someone’s Twitter username tagged, as if they were responding to them. ?You can see many of them are exactly the same.

This is very spammy, which was my first red flag.

Next, I checked out their website. ?I’ve never heard of the C.E.P.M certification, so I investigated further. ?On their site, there are a few red flags that smell like a scam to me.

Suspicious Language

Just reading the copy on these pages, it looks like someone slapped them together without any real idea of what a professional organization or certification program looks like. ?There is apparently no requirements or description of what it takes to be certified…you just need some money apparently.

$50 Referral Bonus?

Their website promises a $50 check for every referral you send them.

“For every new C.E.P.M. member that you bring on board as a certified C.E.P.M., you will AUTOMATICALLY receive $50 check as a “Thank-you!” from your fellow C.E.P.M.s – because we know it’s not always easy letting others know how to add quality ethics to a project’s decision-making process.”

A referral bonus? ?Come on now what is this, an unregistered affiliate program?

How it works: Just have your applicant submit your name to?apply@cepmcert.com.? Once they have been verified and certified, we will contact you, and your check(s) for $50 per new certified member will be in the mail as a personal thank you from your fellow Certified Ethical Project Managers!? All resume submissions are kept completely confidential and are used for experience verification only!

Riiiiiiight.. ?I don’t think so.

“Apply” Link Brings You To A Sales Page

From what I can tell, “applying” or “submitting application” equals adding a (apparently) worthless piece of paper they want to sell you for $149.99 to your shopping cart. ?Again, no requirements of any kind or a description of any process for certification.

Hey, I’ve been wrong before, but this thing looks like a scam to me. ?Let me know if I’m wrong, but my advice to everyone is to stay away!

Does anyone else have information about this?