Business Task Management System

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And here I just blogged about how people focus too much on tools…

Always an enigma, here’s a post for you about a tool!

I caught up with my RSS reader today and came across a post by Alec Satin that caught my attention.

Alec was talking about an AutoFocus task management system that I had never heard of before.? He has been using it for awhile now and really likes it.? Now they’ve come out with a version 2 of the system.

I browsed around the site and found this video.? I think this one is on the original system, but it’s a good overview at any rate.? No technology besides a notebook, pen, and a highlighter.

I’ve put up a page to bring you directly to the video, just click the screen shot from the video below.? Let me know what you think about this system!? I’m thinking about giving it a go myself…

business task management

business task management