Boosting Morale and Productivity with Gaming in the Remote Workspace

Filed under Communication, Leadership | Posted by MMeloni

In today’s fast-paced working environment, we understand the importance of respecting people’s time. We’re aware that your workday doesn’t need to be interrupted by frivolous games or unnecessary distractions. However, we also recognize the importance of team building and creating a sense of community, especially in a digital workspace. Thus, we propose the idea of incorporating optional online games into your work regimen, at your convenience of course.

The games can vary, perhaps a competition to showcase the best home office or most creative background. What could be more fun than changing up your workspace every week and showing it off to your colleagues? Or how about an online scavenger hunt, where participants can find interesting items online and share snapshots of these discoveries? Trivia or fun quizzes can also be an engaging diversion from work stress.

To encourage healthy work practices, we might suggest a “walk and snap” game. Colleagues can take a walk during their break and snap a photo of something interesting they come across. The fun lies in having other teammates guess what it is. Remember, the idea here is not to interrupt your work, but to provide some variation during breaks or lunch hours, and bring everyone together in an entertaining, casual manner.

And worry not if your creative juices are not flowing. There could always be a rotation system where team members take turns to come up with the “game of the week”. This could be a brilliant way to get to know each other’s preferences and exchange some laughs. Prizes aren’t mandatory, but could certainly add an element of excitement. Perhaps it would be feasible to have a prize winner once a month.

Whether or not there is a tangible reward, the real prize here is effectively fostering a communal spirit and a more positive work environment. So while we will not impose any distractions on your valuable work time, introducing these interactive activities could be a great way to enhance team camaraderie and make the workday a more enjoyable experience.

After all, all work and no play can indeed make Jack a dull boy!