4 Change Management Tools Every Leader Should Note

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Contributed by Riley Clark “The times – they are a-changin’”, Bob Dylan sang in one of his most notable songs ever. And indeed, they are. So, it’s absolutely critical for every person to learn to adapt to these changes. The idea also applies both to businesses and personal lives. Yet, most people are resistant to […]

Shifts in Project Management Post COVID-19

By Luke Smith Is there an aspect of work that COVID-19 has not changed? For project managers, likely not. New processes for remote work, changes in company structure and composition, and trends in management strategies overall will define the modern workplace. But project managers can successfully navigate these shifts. With the tools and strategies available […]

What is the ROI of a Project Management Tool?

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At work, we are constantly juggling tasks, people, meetings, and projects all at once. With all of these moving parts, communication and organization can become difficult. Project management software can be a great solution to staying on top of tasks in a busy workplace. But what is the return on investment of project management? Is […]

Turn Your Disagreeing Team Into A High Performing Team

Why was Joe putting so much effort into the decision-making process and the outcome of that process? He had a high-performing team. This was a team that worked well together and met challenging goals. A team who could argue and then break into laughter. This time the team felt a bit more passionate about the issue at hand. The divide seemed a bit deeper than during any of their previous disagreements

Four Tools for Building Your Leadership Skills

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No matter how experienced you are. No matter how many projects you have managed or teams that you have led, you can always brush up on your leadership skills. While it continues to be important for you to model responsible behavior to your teams, other ways to lead may vary in their necessity. For example, in 2020 the need to lead virtual teams, and inspire work from home employees has moved to the top of desirable skills. The good news is that you can always learn and change and grow.

Psychology for Project Managers

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psychological project management

A successful project manager is expected to be able to deal with all these aspects of human behaviour, to take them into account in his project management and steer accordingly. Hence, a project manager must not only be well versed in project management methods, economic issues, economic goals and project organisation, but also in psychological aspects of human cooperation within the project environment.

Project Management: It’s About Connection, Performance and Motivation

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pandemic leadership management video call

As the pandemic has created a “new normal,” employees around the world are grappling with change. Either they must continue working from home indefinitely or they’re facing largely reconfigured and discombobulated physical offices that have been rejiggered to follow new COVID-19 protocols. They are looking to YOU to lead them through the pandemic and beyond.