The Power of Empathy: Expanding Leadership Strategies in Healthcare

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. In the healthcare field, empathy is a crucial trait for leaders to possess in order to effectively lead and manage their teams. The power of empathy allows healthcare leaders to build strong relationships with patients and staff, as well as create a positive […]

It’s All About the PERKS

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Working on projects can be stressful. For you, the project manager, and your team members. You can decrease the amount of stress that your team members experience. How? Use your PERKS! Participation Environment Recognition Knowledge Style Using PERKS in the right combination for your team and your organizational culture will make a big difference. Watch […]

10 Benefits of GOOD Project Management

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Some companies overlook the importance of project management. And that is a shame as effective project management can make a big difference in terms of overall efficiency and profitability. Effective project management can positively impact your company’s profits. Project management is so much more than creating to-do lists and assigning tasks. Considering the benefits included […]

Project Management for Content Marketing Managers

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Today, Odessa Powell, writer, editor, and fan of project management, shares some tips for content marketing managers. Content marketing managers commonly lead the completed content department comprising content manager(s), SEO manager(s), and link builder(s). Together, these specialists produce high-quality content and promote their brand via different mediums. The main task of a marketing manager, as […]

Underrated Yet Essential Project Management Skills Needed To Succeed

For companies to stay ahead in this highly competitive market, having excellent project managers is a prerequisite. As a result, there’s a massive demand for project managers. But the keyword here is “skillful.” Companies need people who can manage their projects efficiently and effectively and achieve milestones for the company. More than your degree, companies […]