Back by Popular Demand: Mindfulness and Compassionate Leadership

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A FREE Webinar on April 25, 2022, at 5:30 pm Pacific

With Dr. Ehssan Sakhaee and Dr, Margaret Meloni (your pmStudent Community Leader)

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Mindful and Compassionate Leadership in the New Normal

The recent pandemic has caused major shifts in our organisations and teams, requiring rapid adaptation and resilience. Leadership in the new normal requires us to build stronger bonds with the people we lead and work with. Mindful and compassionate leaders ensure that they are less likely to lose talent to “the great resignation”. Mindful leaders really understand the challenges that their teams are facing. They are also able to manage themselves around difficulties and challenges. Compassionate leaders are able to create an environment where employees feel heard and understood. Studies show that people who have experienced compassion in their workplace exhibit higher levels of commitment despite challenges faced.

Why We Need Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows us to be present to what is happening right here and right now, to tune into rather than tune out of – while the attitude of mindfulness which is that of openness, and acceptance allows us to not be overwhelmed by the current matters. whether it be an impending deadline, a stressful situation, a heated conversation or facing some crisis, mindfulness allows us to cultivate a sense of inner peace so that we can tackle challenges that are arising, right here, right now, more effectively.

– Learn the three attitudes of mindfulness

– The science behind mindfulness

– how we can use simple techniques to be more mindful and present


Why We Need Compassion

Every day you work together to meet difficult deadlines and meet new and increasingly complex challenges. You bring a combination of expertise and skills. But do you bring compassion to your colleagues? Compassion is not just for your family, your friends, or your volunteer efforts. Compassion belongs in the workplace. It is as essential as any of your technical skills. And the benefits go beyond the satisfaction of knowing that you treat one another with care. In discussing bringing compassion to work you will:

– Learn the three components of compassion

– Consider the science behind compassion

– Learn why some people avoid compassion at work

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Use code LEADWITHCOMPASSION to attend for free.

Biography of Your Facilitators

Margaret Meloni, MBA, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Buddhist Studies and enjoys employing this to help leaders draw upon their compassionate side. She has run workshops and courses at several universities including UCLA Extension and UC Irvine and teaches in the area of leadership to project managers and leaders. Margaret is the author of several books including ‘Sitting with Death: Buddhist Insights to Help You Face Your Fears and Live a Peaceful Life”.

Ehssan Sakhaee, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in Engineering and Exec. Cert. in Positive Psychology Coaching. He has incorporated mindfulness into his courses and programs that he has taught at the University of Sydney and UCLA Extension to project managers, engineers and leaders. Ehssan is an author of several books including “Leading Self through a Pandemic: Strategies for Wellbeing and Effectiveness”.