Audit of PMP Exam applications

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Have you ever felt scared of your PMP exam application getting selected for an audit?

If yes, this article is for you. Here, I will explain to you what the PMP certification audit is all about, and what you should do in order to clear it successfully.

In order to start, you should first know as to when you may expect your application to get selected for an audit. Remember that it is a completely random process, and that only a small percentage of submitted applications are selected for an audit.

You first submit your PMP examination application, which is reviewed for accuracy and completeness by PMI. Once that is done, you receive an e-mail from them stating that your application has been reviewed and that you may go ahead and pay the PMP examination fees. You should do as advised.

Now, here comes the deciding part. Within a couple of minutes of your having paid the fees, you should receive an e-mail from PMI which lets you know your candidate ID for the PMP exam. You may use this ID in order to schedule the PMP exam on a chosen date and time at a Prometric center located close to you. Once you do this, you will receive an e-mail from Prometric confirming your selected PMP examination schedule.

However, if your application gets selected for an audit, you will not receive a mail containing your candidate ID for the PMP exam (after you have paid the fees). Instead, you will receive another e-mail from PMI, which tells you that your application has been selected for an audit, and advises you about the steps to be taken next.

If this happens, the first thing that you should do is that you should not panic. It is just an audit, and not a bomb shell. The worst thing that can happen is that you will not be able to get past the audit process, and will have to apply for the PMP exam again. In the latter case, PMI will refund your PMP examination fees less a $100 processing fees. So, the sky is not going to fall.

You will be required to send to PMI hard copies of your educational, training, and experience certificates through snail mail (regular mail or express courier service). You can select the PMI center nearest to your place of residence for dispatching your documents. (The details of documents requested, along with postal addresses of all available PMI centers, where you can send in your documents, will be sent to you in the audit notification mail). Just send PMI the requested documents and wait for their feedback.

Upon receipt of your documents, PMI will verify them and let you know if they are satisfied with them. If your documents seem fine to them, you will receive another e-mail informing you of successful audit completion, along with your candidate ID for the PMP exam. You may then proceed and schedule your PMP exam. However, if PMI is not satisfied with the documents sent by you, you may receive another mail with request for more information (or supporting documents). You should send them the requested documents. Finally, PMI will either issue you a candidate ID or else, inform you of your failure in having completed the audit successfully. If the latter happens, you should consider applying for the PMP exam afresh.

One of my close friends got selected for an audit recently, and was through with it in less than 10 working days. If you possess documented evidence of your experience in directing and managing project activities as well as your educational and training qualifications, you have nothing to fear.

So, go ahead in your pursuit of your PMP certification, and do not let the fear of audit hold you back!

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