Approaching Project Management Interviews, Project Definition, and New Subscribers Shout-Out!

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I’d like to try something new, highlighting the best comments received in the last week.

I absolutely LOVE getting comments on blog posts and engaging in the discussion that follows.

Approaching Project Management Interviews

On “How to Connect With People In Your Target Organizations“, Jennifer Bedell shared an awesome story illustrating her approach to the interview process.

She related a situation where she had no internal contacts within the hiring organization, and how she dealt with the whole process. ?A must read!

Project Definition

Ideas are best clarified and molded through questions and debate. ?Aravind did just that with me on “What Is A Project – Goldilocks Edition” about the role of managing cost in the definition of a project.

Check it out!

New Community Members

I’d also like to give a shout out to new subscribers who are taking action to advance their careers!

Project Management Career Advice That Works – Welcome to 72 new members!

PMP Exam Study Advice That Works – Welcome to 62 new members!

Welcome to all, it’s great to have you here gaining value from what I’m putting out there, and I love the discussions via email and comments we engage in.

Have a great weekend everyone!