Agile Project Management: What’s Up?

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There is a great new site in town about Agile project management.

They are running a series of interview/guest posts on The State of Agile.

To my surprise, Peter from reached out to me and asked me to be one of the interviewees.? It’s pretty amazing to be included in this list of Agile thinkers and practitioners!

The Questions:

  1. Your (author) background?
  2. How Agile has changed (from authors perspective) in terms of methods, philosophies, ideologies, pragmatic applications, etc.?
  3. Where is Agile going (in the future)?

Being of the contrary nature that I am, instead of responding with a blog post format I recorded a video with a mindmap on my whiteboard instead.

Click the image below to go to and view the video.? Check out the rest of The State of Agile while you are there.

Tuesday 10/26 ? Tobias Mayer

Wednesday 10/27 ? Derek Huether

Thursday 10/28 ? Ken Schwaber

Friday 10/29 ? Josh Nankivel (Video!) and Sara Broca

Monday 11/1 ? Lisa Crispin

Tuesday 11/2 ? Mark Levison

Wednesday 11/3 ? Marcin Niebudek

Thursday 11/4 ? ?Matthias Marschall

Friday 11/5 ? Vincent D?Amico