7 Project Management Blogs You Can’t Miss

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Today I wanted to share a few impressive project management blogs I’ve recently discovered through Twitter and other watering holes on the inter-tubes.?? Some of them are new, some are just new to me! I’ve discovered all of them in the last few months, some in just the last few days.? I’m listing them in no particular order below.? Leave a comment here and tell me what you think about these blogs!

(All links open in a new window, so click away and check them out!)

Not me; but this guy seems as happy as I am about these blogs! - photo by soundfromwayout via Flickr

Clear PM – http://www.clearpm.com/

Florida, USA

Brian Mossing‘s (@bmossing) blog caught my attention when I saw a post being RT’d around the Twittersphere with the #pmot hashtag.? Brian likes to write and it shows; he’s good at it.? I tend to critique writing automatically because I’ve been doing so with myself for so long.

Brian uses short paragraphs, sub-headings, and bullet points.? It makes his blog easy on the eyes and the few posts I’ve read so far are full of PM wisdom.

Cottage PM – http://www.cottagepm.com/

Utah, USA

Max Walker (@MaxWalkerPMP) contacted me after purchasing my WBS training course, which he will be using? to train teams in his company.? We had a lot of discussions since then via email and Skype about WBS Coach and his new blog, Cottage PM.? I absolutely loved the idea and the term “Cottage PM”.

His tag line is “project management for the rest of us” and the focus is on making project management better in the informal, small projects environment that so many of us work in.? He already has quite a few posts up and they are very well done indeed.? Great ideas, a clear writing style, and the elements I look for (short paragraphs, subheadings, lists) are all there.

Kareem’s Blog – http://kareemshaker.com/

Dubai, UAE

Kareem Shaker (@kareemshaker) has been blogging for many years, and it shows!? He has a really nice looking blog, with great use of pictures and illustrations.? He uses Xmind to create illustrations and graphics to support the posts, which I love and will probably copy!? (It’s the sincerest form of flattery Kareem!)? The lessons learned he shares are excellent.? Be sure to check out his recent blog series on Why Projects Fail.

Papercut PM – http://papercutpm.tumblr.com/

Ontario, Canada

Geoff Crane (@PapercutPM) is awesome for sharing lots of funny and creative illustrations on his blog, like the “Project Team Perceptual Matrix” which features characters like Forest Gump, the Invisible Woman, and Fonzie.? (Aaay!)

Great lessons, presented in a fun way.? Geoff also tells it like it is, which is totally awesome!? I want to drive up to Ontario and have some drinks in a pub with this guy so we can yell at each other a bit.? It would be good times!

Torsten Koerting – http://www.torstenkoerting.com/

Bad Homburg, Germany

I like Torsten Koerting (@TorstenKoerting) and his blog because of the voice he uses in his writing and his opinions on project management.? (See “What’s New in the PM World?“)

He’s a German who writes in English for lazy Americans like me who took 2 years of German language classes in high school and have forgotten just about everything I learned.? There are a few other German bloggers I’ve found on Twitter recently too, and it’s starting to make me practice my German again.

quantmleap – http://quantmleap.com/


Shim Marom (@shim_marom) writes with a lot of skeptical intelligence.? I found Shim through Twitter just like most of the bloggers listed here.? I’ve been following quantmleap the longest out of the group in this post.

The thing I really like about Shim is that he seems to have the same science-based slant that I do, reading lots of studies and relating them to our discipline.? Any project manager who reads Scientific American and quotes the likes of Lawrence Krauss in his project management writing has my vote!? I’m also fascinated with the applications of social psychology and other scientific fields to project management.

FTR – http://ambidexter.ca/

British Columbia, Canada

Erik Hamburger (@AmbidexterMan) is another awesome project manager I found through Twitter.? We had a good Twit-versation after he learned about my free report, “Top 7 WBS Mistakes Project Managers Make” and introduced me to the Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) concept in PRINCE2.

I asked him where I could find more information about it and he gladly emailed me lots of good resources on PRINCE2 and the PBS.? I haven’t been able to dive into it yet (I think the WBS in my paradigm covers the PBS, but I’m still undecided on that until I can do some more research).? Erik has the heart of a teacher and so I have a lot of respect for him and enjoy reading his blog.