7 Benefits of Passing the PMP® Exam

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Contributed by Ram Tavva, PMP

Imagine this scenario – You do an amazing job managing your first project, and your work is noticed and appreciated. In fact, your boss plans a surprise for you. It’s a party to celebrate the successful completion of your project. And now, that you have proven yourself as a project manager, you are given the official title of project manager and an increase in pay.

You earned this. And part of your hard work included achieving your PMP® certification.

Here are seven benefits you receive when you pass the PMP®  certification.

  1. Frequently, certified project managers are more likely to be interviewed and hired than non-certified project managers. Your certificate indicates that you understand project management and that you are a professional.
  2. While your experience might vary, a PMP® can earn up to 25% more than a non-certified project manager. See https://blog.masterofproject.com/PMP® -salary/ for info on PMP®
  3. When you have PMP® certification, you meet most of the mandatory skills that companies require to hire someone as a project manager.
  4. You join the ranks of elite project managers who are recognized across multiple industries and around the globe.
  5. You have a framework to put into practice and you are able to approach any project in a skillful manner and the ability to lead your team to success.
  6. You have a firm understanding of Agile methodology, and more organizations continue to adopt Agile each year.
  7. You will keep your experience and your knowledge current by earning professional development units or PDUs. This is a requirement to maintain your PMP®, and the good news is that this helps you to engage in continuous learning and improvement.

Now you know the seven benefits of having a PMP®  certification. And to help you get there, here are five tips on how to pass the PMP® exam on the first attempt.

  1. Consider joining a top-notch training institute in your city if you prefer in-person training, or you can attend online classes.
  2. Work with mentors to help you develop a strategy that works the best for you and to encourage you and keep you motivated in your studies.
  3. Read the most in-demand book by Rita Mulcahy, the bible for aspiring project managers having PMP®  certification. Book Name: PMP®  Exam Prep 10th Edition Book for 2021 exams.
  4. Prepare for questions using simulated tests to understand and get acquainted with the newest exam patterns. Note -pmStudent.com shares recommended simulators here: https://pmstudent.com/certifications/
  5. Trust yourself and the process, be dedicated to your studies, and take the exam when you know you are prepared.

PMP®  certification is like an Olympic gold medal. You earn it through hard work and dedication. It opens new doors and opportunities for you. You are a project management champion.

Ram Tavva is a Senior Data Scientist and Alumnus of IIM- C (Indian Institute of Management – Kolkata) with over 25 years of professional experience Specialized in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. He is an ITIL expert, and of course, he is a PMP®! Connect with him on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ram-tavva/ or visit https://www.excelr.com/blog/project-management/cracking-PMP® -at-1st-attempt-all-you-need-to-know-for-new-exam-pattern


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