5 Project Lessons to Take into 2014

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Todays posting is brought to all of us by Access Group. There is some information here which can be useful to many of us. This is not an official endorsement for any specific software.

Enjoy- Margaret Meloni, pmStudent Community Leader.

Access Group is a rapidly-growing and innovative provider of cutting-edge project management software which helps businesses speed up their project processes and improve productivity.

Their recent survey, completed by over 100 project management professionals, has created some key insights and action points for this year:

Tip No. 1: Integrate applications to ease your workload

The project management professionals surveyed were asked to identify their three most desired features required from new software; second in the list was ?ease of integration? (with ?reliability? in first place).

Consider integrating software applications together to provide a coordinated system, in the same way as cogs work together in a bicycle.? For example, coordinating HR, Payroll and Finance software ensures that outgoing project payments synch with your financial accounts, creating seamless reporting that saves time and employee resource.

With a variety of different businesses processes influencing projects during its life-cycle, businesses must be able to combine new and existing applications quickly and effectively; otherwise the wheels will soon fall off your project.

Tip No.2: Establish a system to value every step of each project

62 per cent of respondents said that capturing time and cost information, to compare with plans and budgets, were challenges during their projects.

As project managers, you know that being on time and on budget is imperative – your ability to access real-time information could therefore decide whether your project succeeds or fails.

To meet this challenge this year, it?s important to have a clear and effective system that can accurately record and report tangible project data, which can then be used to track progress and spending against key parameters. This data can also be used to identify areas of high or low performance, allowing you to take immediate action while rewarding high-performing members of your team.

Tip No.3: Improve visibility of work-in-progress

54 per cent of respondents felt that accessing real-time information was a major problem for their businesses, with 33 per cent highlighting work-in-place (WIP) management and 48 per cent identifying lack of visibility on project control data.

Project visibility is key to ensuring team members are aware of the status of on-going work, particularly where tasks are highly dependent on one another.

By integrating project management applications your project teams can view crucial data at the click-of-a-button, simplifying communication processes and allowing stakeholders to identify problem areas before they affect project delivery.

Tip No 4: Eliminate the need for physical documentation

Over half (55 per cent) of respondents saw paper-based approval processes as key challenges to their business, with another 35 per cent saying they lacked appropriate document automation.

In this ?paperless? age, digital technology is playing an increasingly effective role in simplifying project processes and removing unnecessary layers of communication, which slow you down and cost money.

By automating document management you can eliminate rekeying, clerical errors, chasing of handover documents and the need to re-request client information ? all your information is stored digitally and can be amended, sorted, grouped and shared onscreen.

Tip No.5: Shout for guidance!

66 per cent of project-based businesses said that the level of support available was a primary factor when investigating new integrated software providers.

Without a good knowledge of technology, it can be difficult to understand which software solution is best to suit your immediate and long-term requirements. By choosing a provider that works with you as a partner, you can ensure that you make good investment decisions throughout the course of your project career.

5 Project Lessons to Take into 2014 [infographic]

5 project lessons to take into 2014